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28 January 2009 @ 09:34 pm
here is the plan

We meet up at Bill and Mandy's this Friday at 7ish for pizza from the Upper Crust and games of all kinds.
I'd still like to play some poker so Mike bring your chips. :)

This is the list of people who I think are coming:
Chris or Ali

Yay party!
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26 January 2009 @ 08:01 pm
Hey gang!
I'm trying to make plans for my birthday. It looks like Friday is better than Saturday for most people. So I'm shooting for Friday January 30th. I thought dinner at Solea I thought about cards after but some people seem to be afraid of poker. What about playing cranium instead? Or we could do something altogether different like bowling or something?
I'd love suggestions.
But let me know soon about dinner so I can make reservations. :)
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21 August 2008 @ 02:35 pm
I certainly didn't, at least not until her unimaginable beauty and grace filled the stage. At one point, I think she placed some sort of blessing upon us of which I really appreciated, she totally went above and beyond. She even threw us a Go-Go's tune or two. Gee she sure is swell.

I'm speaking about the awesome time I had at the Regeneration tour! Of which, I enjoyed with vampyrusgirl. And also, with alwings although from a far, she wouldn't sit with us something about seats being in a different section but I think she was just embarrassed to be seen with us *bitch*!
Let see, me and vampyrusgirl arrived fashionably late we were under the impression that the show wouldn't start without us. We were wrong we missed Naked Eyes but we arrived just as A Flock of Seagulls started, the main attraction for me. But can I say just how horribly disappointing they were!!  Alright ,so the VH1 Bands Unite! show where they got the original line up back together, apparently that didn't stick. It was not good, the lead singer and only original member has barely any stage presence at all, it was all striped down with no flare or style. It was just sad. And they ended with "I Ran" thats when they sort of came alive but were no where closed too rocking the hell out of that song like they should have. I always liked them. Yeah, the songs are a bit simple but I love their sound and the their other worldly style was a great contrast. But thats all gone now replaced by a poorly dressed man in a baseball cap.

Thank God ABC came to save us!! Great performers, high energy, good songs and fancy suits! Then Belinda and I already gave my 2 cents about her performance and finally the night end with Human League. They were very cool we loved them and were loved in return. And that's what it's all about. I think it's safe to say vampyrusgirl and I had a blast!vampyrusgirl
08 February 2008 @ 08:57 pm
This Saturday night I'm thinking at Legends in Waltham at 8 or 9.
But if we can come up with a better place that's cool. It's not supposed to be the nicest place very much a townie bar but it could be fun.
What say you? And who's in all are welcomed. :)
23 August 2007 @ 08:25 am

It's the final count down here at Multiplan; formally known as PHCS.
It has been a difficult last year for me here, even though I'm glad that I worked here over all. It's a good company to work for and there are a lot good people that I will miss. But lately, I've felt increasingly tired of the call center but not interested in branching out, and had the over all feeling of being trapped by my job. But along came Analog Devices a job full of possibilities and the same level of security, if I can make it thru the temp trial period. :)
I really like my new job. The days are long, but go by quickly. And my schedule is fantastic! I wasn't sure if the swing shift , going back between working the weekends to working weekdays, would be difficult or not but it's really the best of both worlds. And working longer days means more days off!! So I feel that I made the right move. And I will be down to only ONE job!! That is so fantastic, I can't even tell you. I almost feel guilty, I mean what right do I have working just one job? ;)

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile I've just been really busy. But a new day is dawning and the best thing is I will finally have time to make art!!

Hope to see you all at Elkseoke!!!!



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16 August 2007 @ 11:35 am
Here's my backstory for Lady Supreme:

Everything changed for Rosaleen when she met Big Base… 

She was working hard to make a name for herself and at only 15 people were already starting to take notice. It wasn't easy; she was still in school and would have dropped out if it wasn't for Granny. So, it was school weekdays, practicing her routine weeknights and working the clubs weekends. Being a great singer and dancer could only take her so far though… she needed music to back her up. 

Then a hot new DJ entered the scene called Big Base. Their was an immediate attraction but Rosaleen knew that she had to keep her self straight—like her Granny told her, or else she might not get her dream of fame. Besides, Big Base always had plenty of girlies to keep him entertained.

Together, they were a show: Big Base and Lady Supreme started to get booked more often and at some of the bigger clubs... the ones with lines outside, with bouncers who only let in the beautiful people.  But what she was really waiting for was the fairy godmother (or father) with diamond-studded sunglasses and a Mercedes Bends to have her sign on the dotted line and give her everything she ever wanted. She was tired of waiting for fame to arrive—after all she was almost 16! 

Just before she disappeared from the scene she and Big Base played Killer Kats, a big venue in London.  She knew that talent agents were always in attendance, searching for new talent. She knew that tonight they would notice her.


The show at Killer Kats was amazing. Rosaleen was invited to an after party where some names wanted to talk to her.  Big Base declined, having his own after party to attend to named Bridgett... and Monica.

The party was hot—she had never seen so many beautiful people in one room before.  This! This was where she belonged.  The food was incredible; to die for, and while she had never bothered with drinking before (warnings from Granny) what would be the harm of having one celebratory drink?

When she woke up she had no idea where she was. The room was very grand; it would have been great if the fear in her stomach didn't warn her that some thing was terribly wrong.  Her clothes were gone and replaced with a boy's page outfit from one of those costume thingies she has seen on the telly. The only belonging left of hers was a gold necklace with a heart charm on it that read, "you have my heart kid." A gift from Big B. At least that's what she remembers from her dreams.

Three years passed while she was trapped in that dream, in the world of fairy. And what's really frightening is how very little of her time there she remembers… Why was she taken?  How did she escape?

Now that she is back it seems she has little to come back to. Her Granny died while she was gone. And there is some girl who looks a hell of a lot like her living in her house using her name. Everybody is different towards her, and she can't find work… something about a break down. Most of her friends won't answer her calls and the ones who do seem to think they're talking to that other girl, the her that isn't her.  The tone of pity in their voices sickens her. And Big Base is nowhere to be found.  Homeless and alone it seems her bright future is gone and her escape a joke.

Another night of fitful dreams about a golden path blocked by thorny vines… she needs to get past but she has nothing to cut them down with but an old rusty spoon; and she has to hurry because something is chasing her!  But this time when she wakes she finds an envelope of money under her makeshift pillow with a note:

"My Little Lady S.,  

            You can find me in New York. ~BB" 

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15 August 2007 @ 12:57 pm
Hi all!
Any ideas about dinner?
Stephanie are we picking up Mandy?
Mike is Jenny working late?
I did my what I learned for you.

Excitedto see you all and to play!!!!
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27 July 2007 @ 02:39 pm
I wanted to post about my new job. But I'm going to talk about how I poisoned myself instead.
For lunch I made myself a cottage cheese, tuna salad, chix salad, carrot, artichoke, mushroom with ranch and sunflower seed combo salad.

I know, it's surprising that such a meal wouldn't agree with me.

I want to tell you all about my new job but I'll have to do it later. After I'm done dieing.

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01 July 2007 @ 08:33 pm
[info]mgrasso, why do you hate us?
27 June 2007 @ 09:27 am
What are people doing the 4th of July?
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